Be An Adoptive Parent

Be An Adoptive Parent

Becoming an adoptive parent is a big decision that involves thought and preparation. That’s why our team of trained adoption representatives will take the time to explain the process to you and guide you through each of the necessary steps.

1) How is adoption different from foster care?
a. Adoption is a process that leads to permanently gaining legal custody of a child. Whereas foster care is generally a temporary placement of a child with a family.

2) How do I find a child to adopt?
a. You’re already on the right track. Give us a call at 909-880-0600 and we’ll help you identify a child that’s right for you.

3) What ages are the children who are available for adoption?
a. The children’s ages vary but are generally between 0 and 17. It can take considerably longer to adopt an infant since there are usually wait-lists for infant adoptions.

4) Can I adopt as a single parent?
a. Yes, as long as you can provide a loving, stable, home for the child you will not be disqualified just because you’re single. About one in four successful adoptions are completed by single parents.

5) Can I adopt a child if I rent my home rather than own it?
a. Yes, again, love and stability are the primary considerations. There’s no problem with renting your home as long as you have a suitable bedroom available for the child.

6) Will I receive financial assistance for the child?
a. Financial assistance is available in some circumstances. You may also be eligible for a tax credit of up to $13,400. Consult with your tax expert. Medical assistance may also be available in certain cases. You’ll need to speak with an adoption representative for information relating to your specific case.

7) Can we adopt a child if both parents have full-time jobs?
a. Yes.  But sufficient childcare arrangements will be required while you’re at work.

We know that there are dozens of other potential questions you’ll need answers to. That’s why the first and best step is for you to give us a call and speak with one of our friendly adoption representatives.

We can be reached via phone Monday – Friday, 9AM to 5PM at 909-880-0600


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